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Prerequisite Courses

If you are unsure whether this course is right for you, please contact Miranda Lane (info@financetalking.com)

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Managing Shareholder Activism (AVUS)

1-Day Developing Skills

Learn who the key activists are, what they want and how they try to get it.  We cover what you can do to protect your company against an activist incident and how best to handle activism when it occurs.

Who Should Attend?

  • Investor Relations executives
  • Media relations professionals and other corporate communicators


  • Understand who activists are and be able to spot if they are in your stock
  • Appreciate the types of platforms that drive activist intervention
  • Understand the range of possible outcomes impacting your company
  • See the range of communications tools available to them and to you
  • Develop key messages for a range of activist arguments

What you will learn

The Big Picture

  • Activism overview
  • Who the main activists are
  • How to know if they’re in your stock
  • What activists want

Managing an Activist Situation

  • The process and who’s typically involved
  • Understanding the activism playbook
  • The role of IR and media relations
  • The role of proxy and governance firms

Communications Tools

  • Tools available to activists and how they are used
  • Your communication tools and how to maximize their impact
  • Developing Key Messages
  • Developing a disciplined approach to communications
  • The consequences of getting it wrong…

The Best Defense is Good Offense – What You Can Do Now

  • Assess your vulnerability
  • Sharpen your analyst/investor presentation
  • Revisit your disclosure and key performance indicators
  • Evaluate your current IR program
  • Summary & Conclusion

How you will learn

The program will include case studies that put participants in a range of activist scenarios and help them to develop appropriate defense strategies.