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  • The quizzes were really fun! The breakout groups also helped make it more engaging.

Prerequisite Courses

If you are unsure whether this course is right for you, please contact Miranda Lane (info@financetalking.com)

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Financial Information Essentials – Virtual

4 Hours, 9am - 1pm Introductory Skills

If you would like to get to grips with the jargon of financial results and annual reports and understand how a company’s financial statements work, this is a great introductory course. We cover balance sheets, income statements and cash flows – what they mean and how they fit together. We look at key metrics such as revenue, EBIT, EBITDA and net income and financial ratios such as profit margins – everything you need to get started with financial information.


  • Get to grips with financial jargon of results
  • Understand the financial statements & what they’re telling you
  • Learn about headline numbers, key metrics and financial ratios

What's Included

  • Access to a virtual classroom with a series of online courses to help you consolidate your learning
  • Colour-coded course materials
  • A copy of The FinanceTalking Financial Glossary (pdf)
  • Email or phone your tutor if you have questions

After the course, you will have access for 4 months to the following eLearning course which will help you consolidate your knowledge:

What you will learn

Accounting Essentials

  • Introduction to financial statements
  • Key jargon and concepts (including capex, opex, goodwill, depreciation, amortisation & impairment)
  • Perspectives of key target audiences on results

Interpreting the Numbers

  • Interpreting financial performance – where to start
  • Different levels of profits – gross profit, EBITDA, operating income etc and who uses what
  • One-off items and adjusted/non-GAAP numbers
  • Profitability metrics (profit margins, interest cover and return on capital)
  • Key issues to consider in the balance sheet (investment in capex and working capital, level of debt/leverage, long-term liabilities etc)
  • Free cash flow and why it is so important

Working with Results

  • Identifying the headlines
  • Components of a great earnings release
  • Real Company examples

How you will learn

We use Zoom to deliver our virtual events

  • Very simple to use
  • Access the event on your laptop or tablet (or even your phone)
  • Discussions and case studies via breakout groups
  • Quizzes and polls