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Prerequisite Course
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Related Course
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Masterclass in Investor Relations & Financial Communications

2-Days Leadership Skills

This course offers you a great opportunity to learn about best practice in Investor Relations, Analyst Communications and Media Relations. We start with a review of the global capital markets and how they work, we deal with the communication of IR essentials such as shareholder value and then we show you how to develop IR and formulate best practice communications in a developing market environment.


  • Understand the capital markets, the context for your financial communications
  • See how investors and analysts evaluate investment opportunities
  • Learn how to tell your company’s investment story convincingly
  • Appreciate the role of Investor Relations, Analyst Communications and Media Relations
  • Be in a position to implement best practice financial communications

What you will learn

Capital Markets – The Big Picture

  • How global capital markets work
  • Issuing shares and bonds
  • Other financing options
  • The role of investment banks
  • Analysts – sell-side and buy-side
  • Types of investor – how they vary
  • Rules and regulations
  • Issues for developing markets

Communicating Shareholder Value

  • What investors want from listed companies
  • Shareholder value from the investors’ perspective
  • Communicating shareholder value from the company’s perspective
  • The link with remuneration policy
  • Lessons for communicating strategy

Influencing Valuation

  • How listed companies are valued by the stock market – reminder
  • Key valuation variables and how to influence them
  • Communicating guidance
  • Driving valuation through IR

Meeting the Requirements of Investors

  • Segmenting investors
  • Appealing to investment styles – the importance of growth, dividends etc
  • Roadshows – for IPO and on-going
  • Key areas of interest
  • Opportunities for communication

Analyst Relations

  • How analysts work
  • Key areas of interest
  • Key inputs to analysts’ models & how to help
  • Typical financial analysis
  • From analysis to valuation
  • The investment decision
  • What can go wrong

Media Relations

  • Understanding the international media
  • Key areas of interest
  • Writing excellent press releases
  • Attracting media attention & dealing with problems

Financial Communications Best Practice

  • Typical IR function
  • How media relations & other corporate communications fits in
  • The role of advisers & how to manage them
  • Typical financial calendar – building a programme
  • Telling your investment story

How you will learn

By exercises designed to replicate situations you will encounter, with many drawn from real life examples

Through vigorous discussion and debate

Via practical applications of content – ensuring that you return to your desk to carry out your duties even more effectively