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Two, 2-hour sessions on consecutive days - Introductory Skills
Tue 19 Nov 2024
Zoom Virtual Classroom

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Non-member price: $495

  • As a new member of my team, I found this very informative and helpful.

Prerequisite Courses

If you are unsure whether this course is right for you, please contact Miranda Lane (info@financetalking.com)

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Financial Information Essentials – NIRI Virtual

Two, 2-hour sessions on consecutive days - Introductory Skills

If you would like to understand the jargon of earnings releases and annual reports and understand how a company’s financial statements work, this is a great course. We cover balance sheets, income statements and cash flows – what they mean and how they fit together. We look at key metrics such as revenue, EBIT, EBITDA and net income; and financial ratios such as leverage and profit margins – across a range of sectors. Finally we consider what your key target audiences are looking for in earnings and how you can add value to the earnings process.


  • Become familiar with financial jargon of earnings
  • Understand the financial statements & what they’re telling you
  • Learn about the headline numbers, key metrics, and financial ratios
  • Apply your learning to a real company

What's Included

  • Access to a virtual classroom with a series of online courses to help you consolidate your learning
  • Colour-coded course materials
  • A copy of The FinanceTalking Financial Glossary (pdf)
  • Email or phone your tutor if you have questions

After the course, you will have access to the following online courses which will help you consolidate your knowledge:

What you will learn

Understanding Financial Information

  • Introduction to financial statements
  • How income statements, balance sheets and cash flows fit together
  • Key jargon and concepts (including capex, opex, goodwill, depreciation, amortization & impairment)
  • Different levels of profits – gross profit, EBITDA, operating income etc and who uses what
  • One-off items and adjusted/non-GAAP numbers
  • How analysts, investors, and journalists use financial information

Working with Earnings

  • Balance sheets – key issues for investors, analysts, and the media
  • Measuring leverage and deciding what’s appropriate
  • Income statements – evaluating performance and asking questions
  • Profitability and cash flow metrics
  • How profits convert to cash
  • Adding value to earnings releases
  • Examples from real companies

How you will learn

We use Zoom to deliver our virtual events

  • Very simple to use
  • Access the event on your laptop or tablet (or even your phone)
  • Discussions and case studies via breakout groups
  • Quizzes and polls