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Understanding & Communicating Shareholder Value – Virtual

4 Hours, 9am - 1pm Developing Skills

If you would like to understand what shareholder value really means; how companies go about creating it; and how to tell a compelling investment story, this course is for you.  We cover return on investment and other key performance indicators and we look at cost of capital  and how that impacts investment decision within a company.  We also cover the time value of money and the other key drivers of company valuation. We finish by showing you how to tell a great investment story.


  • Understand the concept of shareholder value and how value is created
  • Appreciate the cost of capital and its impact on decision-making
  • See how to tell a great investment story

What's Included

  • Access to a virtual classroom with a series of online courses to help you consolidate your learning
  • Colour-coded course materials
  • A copy of The FinanceTalking Financial Glossary (pdf)
  • Email or phone your tutor if you have questions 

After the course, you will have access for 4 months to the following eLearning course which will help you consolidate your knowledge:

What you will learn

Shareholder Value

  • Corporate funding reminder
  • Shareholder value – what it really means
  • The link to return on capital
  • Capital allocation strategies and examples
  • Metrics for executive compensation
  • The role of sustainability

Cost of Capital & the Capital Structure

  • Cost of equity, debt and WACC
  • The capital mix and changing the capital structure
  • Dividend policy and share buy-backs
  • Capital management examples

Telling the Story

  • Overview of company valuation
  • Key elements of a great investment story
  • Real company examples

How you will learn

We use Zoom to deliver our virtual events

  • Very simple to use
  • Access the event on your laptop or tablet (or even your phone)
  • Discussions and case studies via breakout groups
  • Quizzes and polls