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  • A great introduction to the world of finance & shares & how big business works.
    It's useful as I work for a PLC

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Prerequisite Course
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Course Bundle
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Understanding Shareholder Value – Essentials Online Course

2 Hours Introductory Skills

By the end of the course, you will have a good understanding of shareholder value, including what it means from a shareholder’s point of view; what it means from a company’s point of view; the levers a company can pull to create more value; making the link with strategic actions that drive value creation and communicating shareholder value.


  • Understand what shareholder value really means
  • See how companies drive value internally and externally
  • Understand the cost of capital and efficient balance sheets
  • Make the link with strategic actions that drive value creation

What you will learn


The Shareholders Perspective

  • Key shareholder value concepts
  • Driving total shareholder return

The Company Perspective

  • Return on equity
  • The impact of leverage
  • Return on capital employed
  • Management’s task

Capital Management

  • Efficient capital structure
  • Changing the capital structure
  • Cost of capital
  • Capital management
  • Real company examples
Capital Allocation
  • Reminder
  • Allocating capital
  • Capital allocation examples

Growth and Returns

  • Growth
  • Profitability

Communicating Shareholder Value

  • Expectations management
  • Telling a great investment story – real company examples

How you will learn

Our online financial training courses are written and designed in-house to be practical, concise and engaging.  They are great as a stand-alone learning tool, as a pre-course requirement or to consolidate your previous learning.

  • We break down each course into bite-sized chunks so that you can do 5 or 10 minutes at a time on your smartphone, tablet or laptop anywhere you like so long as you have an internet connection and headphones.
  • You will find plenty of visuals, audio and interactivity to keep you interested and alert. You can control the pace and can recap at any point.
  • Our personalised approach means that you can email or phone your tutor if you have questions.
  • We will monitor your progress &  send reminders when necessary.
  • You will have 4 months to complete your course (longer if required).