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  • Huge benefit to understanding financials, knowing what to look for, interpreting data

Prerequisite Courses

If you are unsure whether this course is right for you, please contact Miranda Lane (info@financetalking.com)

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Understanding Earnings

1-Day Developing Skills

If you work with earnings as part of your IR or corporate communications role, but are not a finance specialist, then this course is for you. In just one day, we will help you understand accounting information, be able to identify headline points and raise the pertinent questions around earnings, all by looking through the eyes of your target audiences.

Who Should Attend?

  • Newcomers to IR and corporate communications in a listed company environment
  • Senior communicators with little or no finance experience
  • Anyone working in a communications role with responsibility for earnings reporting or communicating earnings internally or externally


  • Develop your financial fluency and be able to talk the language of analysts, investors and the financial media
  • Gain a good understanding of balance sheets and income statements
  • Be able to work with non-GAAP numbers
  • Appreciate what is crucial to communicate around earnings

What you will learn

The Big Picture

  • The perspectives of financial audiences
  • Sell-side analysts and the role of guidance
  • Comparing results to consensus
Accounting Essentials
  • The key financial statements and how they fit together
  • The FinanceTalking accounting board game
  • The difference between profits and cash
  • Depreciation, amortization and EBITDA
  • Goodwill and impairment
  • Using adjusted/non-GAAP numbers
  • Earnings releases – how analysts, investors and journalists use your financial information

Working with Financial Information

  • Reviewing balance sheets and asking questions
  • Reviewing income statements and asking questions
  • Non-GAAP measures – what they tell you and what questions they raise
  • Identifying headline numbers
  • Key messages to get across
Earnings Best Practices
  • Examples from companies who do it well
Summary and Conclusion
  • Where to go from here

How you will learn

You will learn through engaging, interactive case studies from a range of sectors and practical exercises designed to simulate real life scenarios.


We will assume that you have taken Finance Essentials or have the equivalent knowledge.