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  • The material is clearly communicated and easy to understand.  I also enjoy the quizzes here and there to test my knowledge

Prerequisite Courses

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Equivalent Classroom Course
If you would prefer face-to-face learning the equivalent open course is available.

Course Bundle
This course is part of the following course bundle:

Complementary Online Courses
The courses below will complement your chosen course.

Capital Markets Bundle – Online Course

4-6 hours Introductory Skills This course bundle contains three of our courses in one: Introduction to Companies, Funding & the Capital Markets, Initial Public Offers & Rights Issues, for which you can view the full programmes below.

Courses forming this bundle

Introduction to Companies, Funding & the Capital Markets – Essentials Online Course

This course covers the basics of financial markets and instruments; how the capital markets work and the role of key participants; how companies access the capital markets and what it means to be a listed company.

Initial Public Offers – Specialist Short Online Course

This course will help you understand initial public offers (IPOs), the implications, the process, how the shares are priced and the role of advisers.

Approximately 40 minutes.


Rights Issues – Specialist Short Online Course

This course will give you a good understanding of rights issues, what they mean for the company and what they mean for shareholders, including common calculations.

Approximately 40 minutes.

How you will learn

Our online financial training courses are written and designed in-house to be practical, concise and engaging.  They are great as a stand-alone learning tool, as a pre-course requirement or to consolidate your previous learning.

  • We break down each course into bite-sized chunks so that you can do 5 or 10 minutes at a time on your smartphone, tablet or laptop anywhere you like so long as you have an internet connection and headphones.
  • You will find plenty of visuals, audio and interactivity to keep you interested and alert. You can control the pace and can recap at any point.
  • Our personalised approach means that you can email or phone your tutor if you have questions.
  • We will monitor your progress &  send reminders when necessary.
  • You will have 4 months to complete your course (longer if required).