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  • Excellent, covered a lot in a short space of time

Prerequisite Courses
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If you are unsure whether this course is right for you, please contact Miranda Lane (info@financetalking.com)

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Finance Essentials for Banks

1-Day Developing Skills

This concise, one day course will enable you to gain a working knowledge of how banks make money and create value for their shareholders. We will cover bank strategy and key performance indicators; how the income statement and balance sheet work for a bank and the headline numbers for results; how banks are regulated and the impact this has on strategy and performance. We will use a major bank as our main example and compare to a range of others.


  • Become conversant with the language of a bank’s senior management
  • Understand the business of banking and how banks make money
  • Appreciate how banks create value for shareholders and how this drives strategy
  • Understand bank balance sheets and income statements
  • See how banks are regulated, including capital ratios, leverage, liquidity etc
  • Be able to use key performance indicators to tell your financial story

What's Included

  • Breakfast, lunch and snacks throughout the day at one of wallacespace’s lovely venues
  • A folder containing all your course materials
  • A copy of our printed financial glossary
  • Briefing papers, online courses and quizzes available after your course via a virtual classroom
  • Access to our tutors by phone or email should you have any questions after your course

After the course, you will have access for 4 months to the following eLearning courses which will help you consolidate your knowledge:

What you will learn

The Big Picture

  • Context – economic overview
  • Capital markets essentials including the yield curve and funding
  • Why banks are highly leveraged
  • How banks create value
  • Example bank strategy – how it fits in

Banking and Accounting Essentials

  • How banks make profits
  • Exercise: Banks accounting game

Regulation & Capital Ratios

  • Exercise: Banking risks
  • Basel I, II and III overview
  • Capital, risk-weighted assets and capital ratios
  • Other Basel III measures
  • Impact of regulatory landscape on profitability
  • Capital and leverage ratios compared

Key Performance Indicators

  • Exercise: How KPIs tell the story

Example Bank Review

  • Understanding financial strength
  • Understanding growth and profitability
  • Segment performance
  • Key performance Indicators vs peers

Summary and Conclusion

  • Telling the story – the link with strategy
  • The future for the banking sector
  • How to learn more

How you will learn

This course uses real bank examples and a collaborative approach to learning.


Introduction to Financial Markets, Financial PR and IR Course; or Introduction to Capital Markets eLearning; or equivalent knowledge.

If you are unsure whether this course is right for you, please contact Miranda Lane (info@financetalking.com).