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Prerequisite Courses

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Strategic & Commercial Finance for Business Leaders

2-Days Leadership Skills

Starting with a brief recap, we break down the drivers of shareholder value to understand what they mean for strategy and for you in your leadership role. From this two-day course, you will take away the skills you need to engage fully in strategic discussions and corporate finance decisions, enabling you to contribute effectively to your organisation’s financial decision-making processes.


  • Understand the big picture – what shareholder value really means and how this feeds through to strategy and investment decision-making
  • Appreciate the impact of the economic environment and how this might impact strategy and risk management
  • Gain an overview of whole company valuation for listed and private companies and in M&A situations
  • Be able to identify key performance indicators, appreciate how they drive the business and see how to set appropriate targets
  • Further develop your practical financial management skills

What's Included

  • Breakfast, lunch and snacks throughout the day at one of wallacespace’s lovely venues
  • A folder containing all your course materials
  • A copy of our printed financial glossary
  • Briefing papers, online courses and quizzes available after your course via a virtual classroom
  • Access to our tutors by phone or email should you have any questions after your course

After the course, you will have access for 4 months to the following eLearning courses which will help you consolidate your knowledge:

What you will learn

The Big Picture

  • Capital markets and funding overview
  • Impact of macro-economics
  • Models for assessing strategy and risk analysis
  • Strategic plans – getting involved
  • Management’s task

Corporate Finance Essentials

  • Creating value – what it really means
  • Capital structure and cost of capital
  • Return on investment (ROI)

Accounting Essentials Recap

  • Accounting concepts & terminology
  • Understanding financial statements

Financial Analysis

  • Reminder of key measures and how they fit together
  • Review of typical financial information
  • Seeing through the eyes of shareholders
  • Seeing through the eyes of lenders
  • Management’s perspective on financial information and how to set appropriate targets for your team

Financial Management

  • Getting the best from budget negotiations
  • Budget reviews – how to come prepared
  • Using financial information to make business decisions
  • How to get the most out of monthly financial reviews
  • Communicating effectively using financial information

Making a Business Case

  • Investment appraisal principles revisited
  • Developing and checking your model
  • Making the business case – the link to strategy
  • Presenting and challenging the business case

Evaluating Business Value

  • Company valuation overview
  • DCF valuation – inputs and problems
  • Cross checks using multiples and market values
  • Valuation in different circumstances
  • Scenarios – what changes value?

Strategy Revisited

  • Scenarios – what if…?
  • How can you contribute?

Summary and conclusion & how to continue learning

How you will learn

You will experience lots of discussion and debate along with interactive exercises and case studies that simulate real life scenarios.

You will take away practical skills that you can put into practice back at work that will ensure long-lasting learning.